It Was Not My Loss, It Was BJP's Defeat: Kiran Bedi

NEW DELHI: Stung by the massive electoral drubbing, Kiran Bedi today said it was not her defeat as she gave her best and felt it was a loss for BJP which should introspect about the debacle. 

"I haven't lost. I gave it all my best, I would lose if I wouldn't have given my best. BJP as a party has lost," said Bedi, who also suffered a shock defeat from the party's bastion Krishna Nagar.

The 65-year-old activist-turned-politician said the BJP should reflect on why it had managed to win only 3 out of 70 seats.

"Let the BJP introspect. It is a very interesting national cadre-based party. I hope BJP will do its reflection and I am sure you will understand and get to know why the BJP lost," she said.
Calling herself an integral part of BJP, Bedi also hoped that she would get to know why the party was defeated in such a way.

She said she would continue to work for the people of Krishna Nagar, from where she lost, as the area lacks various amenities and does not have a clean environment.

Veteran BJP leader and Union minister Harsh Vardhan had been winning the seat before he vacated it after emerging victorious in the Lok Sabha election.

"I got all the respect and confidence of the top leaders including Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as well as ordinary party workers. But I ask for their forgiveness as I failed to carry that confidence and responsibility," Bedi said.

"This is the first time I felt like this in my entire career as a police officer. I have never had to face such a situation," she added.

Bedi also congratulated Arvind Kejriwal on AAP's spectacular victory and expressed hope that it will fulfil the promises made to Delhiites.

"I hope Arvind and his party will now transform Delhi into a world class city and fulfil their promises by providing all the facilities to the poor as soon as possible," she said.

Meanwhile, Harsh Vardhan said Bedi deserves gratitude for putting up a "brave fight".

"Kiranji deserves gratitude for putting up a brave fight in Krishna Nagar. Despite defeat she conquered souls. We shall continue to serve there.

"Saddened by the verdict, but my association with my old constituency will continue. Warmest to Mrs Bedi for putting up stiff fight," he tweeted.

Earlier, Bedi praised Kejriwal for his role during the Jan Lokpal movement.

"When we had given a call to people for Lokpal, he (Kejriwal) was the one who came without asking for anything," she said.

Bedi also had a word of caution for the AAP convenor against the 'dharna' approach.

"No confrontational approach will work now. There is a need for strong collaboration. Dharnas will not work anymore," she said.

Asked about her plans for working in Krishna Nagar, Bedi said, "I am a defeated candidate, I will not interfere in their work."
Source - newindian express


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