Problem & Proposed Solution - While processing accidental death claims troubles caused to the beneficiaries, especially widows.


1) While processing accidental death claims Insurance Companies request Post Mortem Report and Police FIR in addition to Death Certificate.
2) In addition to nominees, Insurance Companies request the legal heirs certificates
3) Identity of the Beneficiary. Slightly if the name is mis-spelled then Insurance Companies request village officer's certificate that both are one person itself.

Proposed Solution

We propose the following solutions to the above problems.

1) In the Death Certificate itself, the local body (Panchayat / Municipality / Corporation) shall be entering the cause of the death (Accident / Disease / Natural Death or whatever). In such a case, please do not trouble the claim seekers by asking for FIR & Post Mortem Report.
2) In the Death Certificate itself, the name of legal heirs shall be mentioned. In such cases, please do not ask for Legal heir certificate and trouble the widows / beneficiaries.
3) Now a days, every one has bank accounts. While the subscriber is alive itself, let us link the policy with the beneficiary's bank accounts. Then there is no confusion about who the beneficiary is.

Advantages of proposed solution:
1) By doing this we are averting the requirement of Police FIR, Post Mortem Report & Legal Heir certificate and Village officer's certificate if needed.2) If we reduce one document, then that much multiple visit and chances of bribery is reduced3) Insurance claim shall be made a simple easy process with little chance for being subject to extortion corruption. Claim can be processed before Cremation
Let us make India the first country in the world to process the accidental death claim in the fastest pace.

Source - Facebook - Aravind Gangadharan


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