Infosys' new CFO Ranganath D Mavinakere: 7 things to know

Indian IT giant Infosys CFO and EVP Rajiv Bansal has resigned. The company has named Ranganath Mavinakere as the new CFO.

1. Ranganath Dwarakanath Mavinakere has about 18 years of experience across banking and IT services industries

2. A 15-year Infosys veteran, Mavinakere has held several leadership positions in the company. Currently the head of strategic operations, he is responsible for strategic planning, risk management, mergers & acquisitions and corporate marketing. In earlier roles at the company, he was the chief risk officer for over 5 years, implementing the enterprise risk management program and leading cost optimization initiatives as senior vice president in the chairman’s office.

Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet wins Nobel Peace Prize for 2015

Announcing the award in Oslo, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said that the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet has been awarded the peace prize for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.

The Nobel Peace Prize, worth $972,000, will be presented in Oslo on December 10.

"The Quartet was formed in the summer of 2013 when the democratization process was in danger of collapsing as a result of political assassinations and widespread social unrest. It established an alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the country was on the brink of civil war. It was thus instrumental in enabling Tunisia, in the space of a few years, to establish a constitutional system of government guaranteeing fundamental rights for the entire population, irrespective of gender, political conviction or religious belief," the Nobel Committee said in its press release.

Ban ki-Moon pushes for equal rights for the LGBT community.. something India has been struggling to do so.

UNITED NATIONS: Speaking at the High Level LGBT Core Group Event, the secretary general of the UN Ban ki-Moon pushed for equal rights for the community and urged government to end discrimination - something India has been struggling to do so.

Echoing the motto of the sustainable development goal 'Leaving No One Behind', Ban ki-Moon said this guiding vision could be reached only if everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender entity is reached out to. "In too many countries, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people are among the poorest, most marginalized members of society," he said. Activists would agree that India is one of these countries. "Studies show that gay and lesbian people suffer disproportionate discrimination and abuse. They are rejected by their families... kicked out of their homes ... and pushed out of school. Too many of our LGBT brothers and sisters are jobless, homeless and struggling to survive," he added.

The situation of transgender people is even worse overall, Ban ki-Moon said. "They have higher rates of homelessness, poverty and hunger. For individuals and their families, this is a personal tragedy. And for society, it is a shameful waste of human talent, ingenuity and economic potential," he added.

While India did not mention anything about LGBT rights at the UN, the situation in the country is dire. Homosexual relationships are considered criminal even after the Delhi high court decriminalized. The Supreme Court overturned the order and made it a crime again for people to have consensual relationships with the same gender. India is, however, one of the very country that legally recognizes transgender as a separate gender identity. However, the social stigma attached is strong and they face discrimination at every level of life.

Urging governments to change their stance and be more proactive in protecting their rights, Ban ki-Moon said: "the human rights of LGBT people are abused, all of us are diminished. Every human life is precious - none is worth more than another".

The president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe created a furore when exclaimed "Zimbabwe is not gay!" at the UN General Assembly on Monday. "We equally reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our norms, values, traditions and beliefs. We are not gays. Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification and double standards will not," he said at the general assembly.

Source TOI

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