Every year, weather extremes make their presence felt in the Indian sub-continent. Unseasonal rains, floods, heat wave, and other major weather events affected various parts of the country in 2015 also.

We decided to list down seven major weather highlights affecting India and neighboring nations. Here’s a look at the seven weather events which impacted the country during this calendar year.
Unseasonal rainfall at the beginning of the year

Unseasonal rains in 2015 will be remembered for massive crop damage across 14 states. Wheat, mango, potato, and other crops were deeply impacted. Even soft drink sales took a beating due to below normal comparatively pleasant temperatures in most parts of the country. This remains one of the major weather highlights from India in 2015.
Heat wave in India kills thousands

Heat wave is synonymous with summer in most parts of northwest India. This year, however, heat wave in the region resulted in the death of thousands. Official figure settles somewhere near 2,000. Even Pakistan faced the fury of heat wave conditions as hundreds died due to unbearable weather conditions. The event was extensively covered by global media as well.

Rain and Earthquake in Nepal take lives in India

Nepal earthquake claimed more than 8,000 lives, including 51 in India. Moreover, incessant rain showers over the region slowed down relief and rescue ops in the region. More lives could’ve been saved but several plans and operations had to be stalled or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Mumbai rains affect big city life

Though nothing like the 2005 deluge, Mumbai rains in June 2015 recorded 1000 mm of rain in just 23 days of the month. It took less than two weeks to cross the monthly rainfall average. Roads, streets, and lower area settlements took a harsh beating.

Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan floods drown temples

Temples were drowned, pilgrims stranded, and locals shocked as unusually heavy rain raged through West MP and parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Northeast India flooding causes 8 lakh to evacuate

Northeast India is familiar with flood-like conditions as parts of the region face these conditions almost every year. This year too, floods in the region left more than two dozen people dead and forced a mass displacement of 8 lakh locals.

Chennai rains bamboozle Tamil Nadu with never-seen-before weather

It was an extremely rainy ending to 2015 for Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai. Damage estimates currently settle above Rs. 15,000 crore. As many as 4,00,000 people had to be rescued by various teams of the Indian Army, NDRF, Indian Air Force, Tamil Nadu State Police, CRPF, and others. 5,000 kg of supplies were dropped to help heaps of stranded people. Boats replaced vehicles as roads turned to rivers.

Source - sky met weather


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