Department of School Education Government of Tamil Nadu

To achieve universalisation of elementary education and for the benefit of students the following welfare programme are being implemented by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

1. Supply of Nutritious Noon Meal for the Standard 1 to 10.

2. Supply of Free Slates for I Standard.

3. Supply of Free Bus Pass for all students coming over to school.

4. Supply of Free Text Books for all students from Standard 1 to 5 and students of 6 to 8 covered under Puratchi Thalaivar MGR's Nutritious Meal Scheme.

5. Supply of uniform for students from standards 1 to 8 covered by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR's Nutritious Meal Programme

6. Teaching Learning Materials through Operation Blackboard Scheme in elementary, middle schools.

7. Provision of infrastructural facilities under Operation Black Board Scheme, Eleventh Finance Commission, Prime Minister�s Gramadoya Yojana programme, Area Intensive Programme, Educational Technology Scheme.

8. Provision of Computer Education in 1197 Higher Secondary Schools by which students from Standard IX to XII are benefited.

9. Provision of Vocational Education at Higher Secondary Level

10. Provision of free cycles to girls students of SC/ST studying in +1 & +2 standards.

11. Total Literacy and Post-Literacy Campaigns and Continuing Education Scheme for adults

12. Non-formal Education for dropouts.

13. State Open Schools those who completed 8th Standard.

14. Sharmik Vidya Peeth (at 3 places)

15. Diploma in Teacher Education thro Teacher Training Institutes (83 Institutions)

16. . National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development assistance scheme for provision of infrastructure facilities such as building, drinking water, toilet facilities in high and higher secondary schools.
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