Here’s What Can Help You When Life Doesn’t Go as Per Your Plan

No one has control over the events that occur in life. The only thing that can be personalized is the reaction. 

Some incidents merely create a ripple in our lives, while some may leave a mark forever. So much so that they can change the course of our lives. Dramatically!

You have framed a plan for life. A perfect job, a beautiful relationship, a beautiful house, a well-planned retirement. Suddenly everything changes. You lose your job; your partner has parted ways, your finances go haywire; complete chaos.
All you can do is cry over and go into depression or come to terms with your ill fate and rise to shine.

The choice is yours - land up in misery or fight it out. 

Read on to find out how you can get back the hold of your life despite all misfortunes. 

#1. Do not get trapped in the past. Let go.

Do not live at the mercy of circumstances. You will be stuck in the prison of your past if you ignore the very day - TODAY.

Leave the agony and pain of your past behind. It is over. Do not let it affect your future. If you do not leave the darkness of your past behind, chances are you will be blocking a bright future too. How much ever disturbing your past is, reliving the sadness would not do any good.

#2. Stagnation kills. Keep moving.

Be passionate about life. There is nothing beyond it. You can either keep moving or stay glued for ages. The time is preset. It won't come back again. You cannot value success without experiencing failures. Frame it in your mind. 

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, only if you remember to turn on the lights.

#3. Steer the wheel in a different direction. Be open to options. 

Change your focus. Address your deepest desires by proceeding methodically. Know what you really want.

If your career plans are failing badly or your love life is in shambles, take a break and think through. What exactly is the basis for pursuing a particular stream? Is it passion, expertise, power, money, etc.? Ask yourself is it worth trying again or is there any choice B? Explore all the available options.

If you have been cheated or lost your beloved or your relationships are not working; device a plan of action. Either mourn your loss or celebrate the cherished memories. Trust me it is difficult but not impossible. Weigh through whether you can work on your association or you need to part ways.

Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch you

#4. Treat sacrifices and loss as investments.

he human spirit has the strength to handle whatever life throws - psychological immunity.

Dealing with the loss of any kind is by far the hardest lesson, besides inner strength, it requires you never to look back, to close some doors that you so wanted to remain open. In some cases, losing is winning.

Sometimes failing to get your goal helps you fulfil your destiny.

#5. People pleasing is a curse. Avoid it at all costs.

You cannot make everybody happy. Besides, you would be limiting your potential if you assign a benchmark to please someone. Do not grant the power of controlling the sail of your life to other people's judgments and choices. Ask yourself before doing anything - Am I doing it because I want to do it or because I am afraid of being judged by people? The ones who are your tribe would stay with you no matter what.

Do not limit your beliefs based on the people around you

#6. Tune in to spiritual and selfhelp genres.

This might sound a little cliche, but spirituality has nothing do with religious beliefs. It is just self-awareness acquired by means of introspection.

I personally regarded self-help books to be futile until recently. I was a strong believer of the fact that, nobody can help you to help yourself. What I overlooked was self-help books reinstate facts and thoughts in your mind which you probably forgot to think over a period of time. It is just like looking in the mirror and do your hair. You know which part to braid first. 

When we have nothing left but God, we discover that God is enough. 

#7. Embrace your fears.

Situations fall into a loop. Whenever a situation comes up, the power lies in your hand as to how to deal. When you avoid it, the scenario emerges again, but the control gets transferred. You are at the receiving end, helpless only to accept the outcome. So deal with your fears.

Look beyond and figure out what to do. 

#8. Follow your heart. Do not allow decisions to be controlled by money. 

As a society, we are hardwired to follow certain standards which are usually not in agreement with our gut feeling. We take the so-called practical route and try to satiate our mind and not the heart. Money is not evil; in fact, it is a powerhouse. But, if your decisions are based on preferring money over peace, you wouldn't be able to satisfy your soul, thereby inviting unnecessary stress and restlessness.

Believe in your sixth sense. 

#9. Trust yourself and the universe. 

Everything happens for a reason. Let go of your fear of the unknown. Believe in the purpose of your life. Your well being affects someone else for sure. Count your assets and believe that the universe is a big genie, your wish is its command.

Source - Witty Feed


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