Eating Junk Food At Night May Lead To Poor Sleep; Try These Foods For A Good Night’s Sleep

According to a study presented at SLEEP 2018, snacks and junk food cravings during the night may contribute to unhealthy eating behaviours and represent a potential association between poor sleep and obesity. The researchers conducted a phone-based survey of 3,105 adults, who were asked if they regularly consumed a night-time snack and whether lack of sleep led them to crave junk food. About 60 percent of the participants reported regular night-time snacking and two-thirds reported that lack of sleep them to crave more junk food.

The study found that poor sleep quality seemed to be a major predictor of junk food cravings and that junk food cravings were linked to a greater likelihood of participants reporting obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. According to the researchers, lab studies suggest that sleep deprivation can lead to junk food cravings at night, which may lead to increased unhealthy snacking at night, which further leads to obesity or weight gain. This study provides important information about the process, that these lab findings may actually translate to the real world.

Sleep deprivation in the modern world is a common problem, considering this fast paced life has so much stress and anxiety to add to. We suggest some foods that may help you get some sound sleep at night, which will further avoid bingeing on junk foods at night.

1. Warm milk

A glass of warm milk is the perfect drink to get you some sound sleep. It contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid that converts into serotonin. Serotonin is said to have soothing effects in the brain, which helps you sleep well.

2. Almonds

Almonds, too, contain tryptophan that having soothing effects on the brain and nerves, which can help you get some sleep. Moreover, the presence of magnesium also keeps heart's rhythm steady. Make sure you have a handful of them.

3. Bananas

Bananas are said to have muscle relaxing magnesium and potassium. In fact, it is also the good carbs present in bananas that help you sleep better.

4. Chamomile tea

It is refreshing, revitalising and fragrant; chamomile tea has soothing effects on your nerves, which helps you sleep better. It is also known to be a natural tranquiliser.

5. Curd rice

A mix of curd rice is also said to help you get some sleep at night. Try a bowlful to ensure a peaceful sleep.

Source - NDTV 


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