Turmeric And Black Pepper: The Kitchen Spices That Heal Together

Some things are just great together, like chocolate chips and cookies. Turmeric and black pepper are two spices that complement each other well and make for a great combination, plus come with numerous health benefits. Turmeric, or haldi as it is widely known, is a common spice that's used to impart a vibrant yellow-orange hue to curries, rice and other every day foods. Black pepper, on the other hand, is a celebrated spice that gives a nice texture to any dish along with a pungent-spicy flavour. Both the spices are said to help each other to get absorbed in the body in order to provide maximum benefits. Let's look at how turmeric and black pepper, when they come together, can do wonders to your health.

Is It Okay To Consume Pickles Everyday? Here's The Answer

Pickles are an indelible part of the Indian cuisine. One look at this spicy accompaniment to Indian breads and rice dishes is enough to make our mouths water. We eat it with parathas, curd rice, puris and just about anything and everything we can pair it with. Some people even love to just gobble the spicy goodness without needing anything to pair it with. From carrots to mangoes, lemons, red and green chillies, and even fish and chicken, we Indians pickle almost everything. After all, what's the point of food that hasn't been spiced well? Several people are in the habit of devouring pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as they need that kick of spices and flavour with each and every meal.

Yoga Asanas And 5 Foods To Cut Belly Fat

People across the globe are celebrating the International Yoga Day today. The idea of International Day of yoga was first proposed by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, in the year 2014 in one of his speeches at the United Nations General Assembly. It was in the year 2015 that the United Nations officially declared 21 June as International yoga day. Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline, a part of which involves breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. From weight loss to stress and joint pain, yoga is said to have a positive effect on you, both physically and mentally. One of the key benefits of yoga is its impact on your belly. You would be surprised to know how just a few postures and breathing techniques could help you get a toned belly.

Do Almonds Really Help Improve Memory?

I remember being fed five to six soaked and peeled almonds every morning by my mother; I ate them because she convinced me that these nuts could help improve my memory. Looks like she was right! Almonds have long been known to improve not just memory skills but also overall brain function. Commonly thought of as nuts, almonds are fruits of the almond tree that have several nutrients that may help keep your brain power in check. In fact, in a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Ageing, researchers explored a connection between almonds and cognitive function. In addition to vitamin E, folate and fibre, these nuts boast phytochemicals that act as antioxidants in the brain to combat inflammation, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that delay age-related brain decline.

7 Tips To Make Perfect Hummus At Home

There must be something about middle-eastern cuisine that makes it such a global rage. In India too, middle-eastern wonders like shawarma, falafel, hummus have found their own niche and lovers in the food circuit. One of our favourite Levantine imports is hummus; the chickpeas-based dip or spread that has become a party staple of sorts. Whether being a part of the multifarious Lebanese platter dominated by meat and salad or an accompaniment to pita bread; hummus always manages to shine bright. It is the perfect recipe to whip up on days when you are looking to go light but not exactly bland and boring. It is rich; it is creamy and enhanced with just the right amount of flavour (courtesy the pungent garlic and zesty olive oil) to spruce up our day without adding much to your calorie load. Hummus is made using mashed chickpeas or other beans, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Virat Kohli's Morning Workout Is The Ultimate Fitness Inspiration You Need!

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, has left no stone unturned to be one of the fittest people in the country, and a fitspiration for all the youngsters out there. Time and again he has given us fitness goals, and this morning, he just gave us another one. Despite his neck injury, one which he suffered during the Indian Premiere League, Virat did not miss his workouts. Virat has been forbidden weight lifting for the time-being; so he decided to work on his lower body. The cricketer took to Instagram to share few glimpses of his workout this morning. He wrote, "Today's session included a lot of band work for lower body strengthening; including lateral band walk, monster walk and then striding a distance of 80 meters x 12 repetitions at speed of 16km/hr on treadmill. 15 second break between each stride and completing 2 sets of 12. Great way to begin the day."

Mint For Skin: Top 5 Mint Face Packs To Fight Skin Problems In Summers

Mint or pudina is a common feature in Indian drinks and dishes during summers. The cooling properties of the bright green leaves are very well known. Mint leaves are also added to teas, for a soothing elixir. The leaves of the plant are packed with a number of health benefits, from boosting digestion to keeping bad breath away. No wonder it finds its way into a range of cocktails, mocktails, dips and even desserts. But did you know that mint or pudina is very beneficial for the skin as well? When applied on the skin, mint paste can help soothe the skin and keep acne away.

Here's Why This Mediterranean Diet Was Retracted And Replaced

Fads in nutrition come and go, but one diet in particular has been widely heralded for its benefits to health - the "Mediterranean diet," rich with vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and olive oil. For decades, researchers have shown that people in Mediterranean countries seem to show lower rates of heart disease. And in 2013, one landmark study gave the strongest proof yet in one of the first major clinical trials to measure the diet's heart benefits. The study, conducted in Spain, showed that consuming a Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of a heart attack, stroke or death from heart disease by about 30 percent in those at high risk.

How To Reheat Store Bought French Fries: Easy Tips and Tricks

So, you loved the crispy French fries at this new place you tried. You found them so amazing, you wanted to pack some for home, too. You get the delicious fries home, put them to heat and all set to gorge on to the crunchy fries, only to find they are not crispy anymore. In fact, they are now a bunch of a soggy and moist mess. To toss them away would be heart crushing. But, what to do? Is there any way to revive them again? 

Well, we are here to tell you how you can give your store-bought fries another chance. It may need you to be in your kitchen a tad longer, but it is so worth it. 

Saffron Oil: Benefits Of Saffron Oil For Hair, Skin And Health

The bright red colored-spice saffron adds flavor and color to your food. But have you ever wondered how healthy saffron oil can be for your overall health? Saffron oil is extracted from saffron spice and is known to have a wide range of benefits for your hair, skin and overall health. This is relevant from the fact that saffron oil is an important ingredient of most traditional medicines. It might be quite heavy on your pocket, but trust us, it is so worth the price! In terms of nutrition, saffron oil is enriched with potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C and many other volatile acids. This is why saffron oil is considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense essential oils of all time.


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