How to push yourself to wake up early for morning workouts?

This concern from users set me thinking and I decided to write a blog addressing these issues and come up with ways to push yourself for morning exercise. I would say don’t give up on morning workout at all, if the only issue is how to wake up early.
Morning workouts boost’s up your metabolism and keeps it elevated for several hours, you psychologically feel healthy as you start your day in a healthy way, and fixed morning exercise schedule, ensures that you sleep too on time.

I remember an old saying which I would like to quote here. “For every lock there is a key, we just need to find out which is the correct key for the lock by some trials and errors”.

Here are few quick tips which you can try and find out for yourself which works for you: 

  • Dress up yourself in sports outfit and sleep 
This doesn’t really mean you need to wear your shoes, socks, athletic outfit and sleep but at least keep everything ready a night prior so that in the morning you don’t waste time looking out for the stuff. Instead of wasting time in finding your workout clothes like your trousers and t-shirt, water bottle, napkin, shoes and sock, spend those 15-20 mins in getting your sleep. 

  • Make a fitness freak friend 
If you forget to set up your alarm or you happen to shut off the alarm clock and sleep, your exercise buddy will make sure to wake you up. Schedule sessions with a friend who is dedicated and will make sure that you wake up for the session. You don’t need a friend to really wake you up but, the fact that he/she will be waiting for you for the session will make you feel responsible to reach for the workout. 

  • Put your alarm clock far away 
Instead of keeping the alarm clock next to your bed while sleeping, keep it far away. Increase the volume of the alarm and keep it in the next room. This will make sure that you get up from the bed to shut it off. Just imagine now, if you keep it on snooze, what would happen? How many times will you get up from bed and go to shut it off. It will be a workout in itself Lol! On a serious note, once you wake up and get out of the bed, your chances of waking up and going for the workout increases rather than just putting off the alarm from your bed. If youralarm allows you to set up a song in it, it would be a great idea to play either a song which will make you dance on it’s moves or set up song from your workout playlist to help you get in to the mood for exercise. 

  • Feel the morning beauty: 
The National Sleep Foundation data says that “When your eye senses light, it sets off a chain reaction in your brain that leaves you feeling alert and energized”. This tip I use it for myself and my daughter too. Once I wake up I immediately walk to the balcony and breathe in the fresh air. The beautiful morning weather, cool breeze, chirping of the birds certainly wakes you up completely and gets you ready for the morning workouts. If it’s still dark when you wake up, make use of a light box that simulates natural light.

  • Get enough sleep the night before.
Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sound sleep. Many a times you wake and keep wondering for yourself “I slept early yesterday, don’t know why I still feel sleepy, should I complete my sleep or wake up?” The answer to this is, if you have completed 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep, just tell yourself that your body is ready for the workout. It’s just dedication and will power which is now pulling you back.

Due to hectic and stressful life, people want to spend the last few hours before hitting the bed either in watching television or surfing and chatting on laptops and mobiles. I understand these are few ways for relaxing yourself but the light emitted from these devices is actually hampering your sleep cycles keeping you awake for a longer time. Instead of this, read books, play with your kids, listen to light music or do some meditation or simple Yoga moves to relax your body and get better sleep.

To conclude, the best sleep routine would be “Keep your alarm in the next room near an open window so that you get up from the bed to shut the alarm. The open window will expose you to the beautiful morning weather which will open your eyes. Your snooze option will again make the alarm ring. If you set up a nice song, I am sure this time the alarm with your favourite song in it, will make you show some of your best moves and totally wake you up. Keep all the workout gears ready at night and place it just next to the alarm clock. This will further make sure you get geared up for the workout.

Try this and let me know if it worked for you or share if you have some other awesome ideas. I am waiting to hear!

Source - Goqii .com


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