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How to prepare your iDevice for iOS 8 update

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Use Facebook a lot? You are more likely to fall for scams

Use Facebook a lot? You are more likely to fall for scams

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Is Facebook Messenger app tracking your privacy?



In Ghaziabad, last year a male student of the Delhi University was raped by the goons of his girlfriend’s father. Then, the girl’s father set dogs on the sodomised boy, rubbed salt and chillies into his wounds and left him to suffer.
In Kerala, 26-year-old Vinodhan, switched on his computer and wrote, “I am a rape survivor”. A homosexual, Vinodhan, got the courage to come out in the open about the horrific trauma that he went through only after he heard the news of the brutal Delhi rape case. When he was 18, he was gang raped by six drunken men, and he still suffers psychological trauma when he meets strangers. Till now he has not been able to recover and doesn't feel safe amongst unknown men.
In another instance, 29-year-old, Krishna, was attacked by a stranger when he was walking to his aunt’s house in Kerala. Fortunately for him, he managed to scream and get away before his attackers managed to sodomise him.
These are some of the real cases of Indian men being sexually abused as reported by the major leading newspapers. But, there are plenty of cases that go unreported and unacknowledged, just because people are still struggling with the very question- Can men be raped too?

Male rape is a reality!

Most of you might find this hard to digest, but yes men can be raped too. And, they are raped– sometimes by men, other times by women. Well, men being raped by women is an ugly reality too that still lurks in the dark corners. Such things do not come out in the open as people do not want to accept or acknowledge that such a thing is ever possible as well. In the United States, 1 out of 21 men report to being physically abused. In India, such a study still has to see the light of the day.

Rape survivors speak!

Bringing the quiet struggle that men, who have survived such instances, into light, here comes a brave initiative. Project Unbreakable, encourages rape survivors to talk about their suffering as a way to increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault. 
It was on this platform that men, who have gone through the trauma of rape and assault, held up placards quoting the people who attacked them.
This is a platform for victims to voice their stories, and help them bring their trauma to the fore and overcome it eventually. It encourages the act of healing through art.

Insult to their injury!

There are numerous incidents of male rape in India and all over the world. Men undergo as much trauma and emotional suffering as women do. Men are entitled to guard their honour as much as women are. Yet, male rape is not taken as seriously as female rape. Worst of all, male rape victims are humiliated. Their “manliness” is questioned. The humiliating part is when people actually run them down and refuse to acknowledge the fact that men can be raped too.

Male rape– always existed!

Male rape can be traced back to history. Soldiers of the victorious armies raped the defeated soldiers as an act of establishing total control over them. In Rome and Persia, men were gang raped as a punishment for crime, such as infidelity and theft. Such brutality against men continues even in the modern day. In fact, cases of male rape have become more common and more frequent.
Thanks to such biased and insulting outlook, male rape victims swallow their injury and keep quiet about it. Confused and ashamed about what they went through, several male victims do not even take medical or professional help to deal with their trauma. They shudder to go to the police because they know that the guardians of law might add insult to their injury. As a result, the male victims of rape end up being a silent community.
Since its conception in October 2011, Project Unbreakable has featured over three thousand images of sexual assault survivors holding posters with quotes from their attackers. Join hands with Project Unbreakable and help victimised men find their voice in this cruel brutal world. If you do, you will also be playing an important role in creating a safer and more secure world for everybody.



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