Toned Milk Vs Full-Cream Milk: Which Milk Is Healthier For Weight Loss

Few people manage to get through lactose-intolerance. And those who do are busy deciding which form of milk is healthier and which one is not. Which variety of milk is good for weight loss and which one is your supply of adequate nutrition. Just like this, the health quotient of toned and full-cream milk has always been quite debatable. Some people say that toned milk is better because it promotes weight loss and some feel that full-cream is better because it is enriched with nutrients. In this article, we are going to discuss if toned milk is healthier than the full-cream variety or not.

What is toned milk?

Toned milk is prepared by adding skimmed milk powder and water to whole milk. This way it cuts down the fat content of milk and increases its quantity as well. Technically, it is the same thing as skimmed milk.

Pros of toned milk

Toned milk contains lesser fat as compared to full cream milk. Nevertheless, it continues to maintain the nutritional content. If we take the fat content into consideration, one glass of toned milk contains 80 calories, which is half of the calorie content of full-cream milk. It is a rich source of calcium and is good for your bones and teeth. Toned milk is a rich source of whey protein which is why it is digested easily by your body. Just one glass of toned milk every morning can keep hunger pangs at bay. Toned milk is recommended for people who are trying to lose weight or people who wish to increase their calcium intake without increasing fat intake.

Cons of toned milk

However, toned milk fails to retain the fat-soluble vitamins of full-cream milk. As far as its taste is concerned, full-cream milk tastes better than toned milk. Besides this, toned milk is not a suitable ingredient for cooking or baking. This is due to the absence of fat which is the main ingredient for a good texture. It is not recommended for malnourished kids or pregnant women.

What is full-cream milk?

Full-cream milk or raw milk is milk without any alterations or additions. It is milk in the raw form. This variety of milk is undiluted and is high in terms of fat, calcium and all nutrients in milk. This is to ensure that milk is safe for consumption and does not have any changes whatsoever. No additions and no reductions whatsoever, and its cream is also in place, that is full-cream milk.

Pros of full-cream milk

The untouched and undiluted variety of milk retains the nutrients as it is. It is an extremely healthy choice for malnourished kids and pregnant women as it fulfills their nutritional requirements. It is pure cow/buffalo milk. 

Cons of full-cream milk

Nevertheless, it is high in terms of fat. A person who is trying to lose weight should refrain from full-cream milk. It contains much more fat that toned milk. It is also high in saturated fat which is known to raise cholesterol levels. So it is not a good choice for heart patients as well.

Source - NDTV 


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