How To Reheat Store Bought French Fries: Easy Tips and Tricks

So, you loved the crispy French fries at this new place you tried. You found them so amazing, you wanted to pack some for home, too. You get the delicious fries home, put them to heat and all set to gorge on to the crunchy fries, only to find they are not crispy anymore. In fact, they are now a bunch of a soggy and moist mess. To toss them away would be heart crushing. But, what to do? Is there any way to revive them again? 

Well, we are here to tell you how you can give your store-bought fries another chance. It may need you to be in your kitchen a tad longer, but it is so worth it. 

Microwave tends to cook your food from the interior to out. When you microwave your fries in the microwave containers, the heat emitted is trapped in the container, making the fries take in the steam and become more moist and soggy. Here's what you can do:

Use The Stove-top 

1. Place a large skillet over medium-heat. It is advisable to use a pan with a heavy bottom. It helps the fries to attain the extra crispy texture. 

2. Add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil for every large portion of fries. High smoke point oil like canola oil or grape seed are recommended. 

3. Once the oil begins to heat, start adding fries in single layer. Cook for about a minute. 

4. With the help of spatula, flip the fries over. Cook for 30 seconds or more. 

5. Once done, sprinkle a pinch of salt. 

6. Turn down the heat and serve while hot. 

Use The Oven

1. While microwaving your fries may not be a good idea but cooking them in an oven may just prove to be the perfect way to revive the lost crispiness of your fries. You would need to pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degree Celsius ). 

2. Next, cover an oven-safe rectangular metal tray with tin foil or aluminium foil. This will ensure your fries don't stick to the sheet, and it is easier to clean up the tray later. 

3. Now, place the French fries on the baking sheet, but make sure you place them in such a way that none of them overlap each other. If they are put overlapped, you may have a tough time separating them, once they are heated.

4. If you want, you can add a bit of extra salt or some other seasonings to your fries for flavour.

5. Once the oven is done preheating, place the baking sheet with the fries inside.

6. Cook for two to three minutes. Open the oven and flip the fries time to time. 

7. Take out the fries when they are golden brown, and crisp. Let it cool down for a minute and serve.

Source - NDTV 


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