Manisha Koirala On 'Wrong Relationships' Is The Dating Advice We Need

"I can't afford to make wrong moves at this stage when God has given me a second chance," Manisha told IANS

Manisha Koirala is a fighter - that much is clear from the fact that she is a cancer survivor, social media motivator, and a constant source of a lot of feel good. To be seen in Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju as Nargis next, Manisha Koirala has had a colourful filmography that proves her mettle as an actor. Talking about surviving cancer by finally beating it in 2015, she recently told IANS that she feels like God has given her a second chance. "My world fell apart (on learning I had cancer). But then the experience made me so much wiser and tolerant. It takes a life-threatening experience to make you realise the true value of life," she added.

But that is not all she ventured into. After a “wrong relationship” that lead to a divorce she feels like she’s okay with accepting the fact that she may not be "destined" for love but she will definitely not enter a "wrong relationship again." Manisha Koirala married businessman Samrat Dahal in 2010; they parted ways in 2012.

"Maybe the man-woman love is not destined to happen for me. Fine. I'd rather accept this sad truth of my life rather than fall into the wrong relationship again. I won't allow any man to bring me down, ever. Whether it is my career or my personal life, I can't afford to make wrong moves at this stage when God has given me a second chance," Manisha told IANS.

Now if you look closely, that is some solid advice that our generation can use. In a generation of online dating, dating applications, and hook up culture, it is easy to hop from one relationship to another for us...and in that we mess up our psyche and mental health by dating wrong people. Sometimes we do it out of a need for validation and sometimes it is a need to be not single. Either way, it’s time we say no to wrong relationships and choose staying single over it. Here are some signs you might be a wrong relationship.

- You feel like you are changing as a person and can’t feel yourself in the relationship as much as you feel them. They make the relationship more about themselves.

- You always have to prove yourself to your partner instead of the valuing you. They bring you down instead of helping you be the best version of yourself. There is no understanding and therefore no meeting each other halfway.

Source - NDTV


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